Margaret Foti, PhD, MD (h.c.)
Chief Executive Officer
Executive Office


Executive Office

  • Ruth E. Fortson, Director, Administration
  • Frédéric Biemar, PhD, Associate Director, International Affairs
  • Kathleen Case, Archivist
  • Nicole L. Doughty, Staff Associate
  • Nancy R. duPont, Administrative Manager 
  • Lois A. Marcolongo, Senior Program Coordinator, Scientific Working Groups
  • Heather J. Nicholson, Program Coordinator, International Affairs
  • Michael J. Powell, PhD, Senior Program Administrator
  • Shawn M. Sweeney, PhD, Associate Director, Translational Research
  • Robert K. Thuener, Staff Assistant
  • Jocelyn V. Voorhees, Staff Associate
  • Sandra E. Williams, Senior Administrator

Communications and Public Relations Department

  • Richard G. Buck, Senior Director, Communications and Public Relations
  • Michael Beveridge, Director, Electronic Communications
  • Nancy Powell Connelly, Senior Manager, Website Communications 
  • Joshua F. Goldstein, Director, Brand Strategy Communications
  • Monika P. Goldstein, Manager, Social Media Communications
  • Ronald M. Grunsby Jr., Assistant Director, Marketing and Circulation, Cancer Today
  • Julia P. Gunther, Assistant Director, Media and Public Relations
  • Marci A. Landsmann, Editor, Cancer Today
  • Eileen Glanton Loftus, Senior Writer and Editor
  • Kevin P. McLaughlin, Executive Editor, Cancer Today
  • Richard L. Lobb, Director, Communications
  • Karen Russell Mills, Administrative Manager, Survivor and Patient Advocacy
  • Jeffrey L. Molter, Director, Media and Public Relations
  • Srivani Ravoori, PhD, Senior Science Writer
  • Lauren M. Riley, Senior Coordinator, Media and Public Relations
  • Rachel D. Salis-Silverman, Associate Director, Public Affairs
  • Karen L. Walker, Staff Associate
  • Lauren M. Walens, Senior Manager, Media and Public Relations
  • Kate L. Yandell, Associate Editor, Cancer Today

Marketing and Creative Services Department

  • Paul J. Driscoll, Senior Director, Marketing and Creative Services
  • Brenna L. Adams, Special Publications Designer
  • Jenna M. Bachen, Assistant Art Director
  • Nicole D. Bellanco, Marketing Associate
  • Colleen M. Brand, Graphic Web Designer
  • Ashley H. Kennedy, Marketing Coordinator
  • John B. McCullough, Senior Graphic Designer
  • Angie S. Maher, Senior Marketing Manager
  • Susan L. Moore, Senior Production Manager
  • Valerie R. Morris, Associate Director, Marketing
  • Leslie A. Perry, Staff Associate

Office of Science Policy and Government Affairs

  • Jon G. Retzlaff, Managing Director, Science Policy and Government Affairs
  • Nicole Boschi, PhD, Regulatory Science and Policy Analyst
  • Dashiell Delan, Legislative Affairs Coordinator
  • Serita F. Henderson, Senior Administrative Coordinator
  • James A. Ingram II, Senior Manager, Legislative Affairs
  • Anna B. Sadusky, PhD, Associate Director, Regulatory Science and Policy
  • Mary Lee Watts, MPH, RD, Director, Government Relations and Advocacy
  • Shimere Williams Sherwood, PhD, Associate Director, Health Policy
  • Carl P. Wonders, PhD, Senior Manager, Science Policy Communications


    AACR Foundation

    • Mitchell R. Stoller, Executive Director of the AACR Foundation
    • Krista M. Romanowski, Senior Administrative Coordinator

    Leadership Philanthropy and Planned Giving

    • Anizia Karmazyn, Senior Director, Leadership Philanthropy and Planned Giving
    • Simone S. Jeffers, Associate Director, Annual Giving and Donor Relations

    Foundation Relations and Development Operations

    • Jessica A. Cestone, Director of Development
    • Lauren E. Herrold, Staff Assistant
    • Sam McGrath, Associate Director
    • Barbara E. Roberson, Staff Associate, Development Operations

    Corporate Alliances

    • Peter D. VanPelt, RPh, Director, Corporate Alliances
    • Iain A. Mitchell, Assistant Director, Corporate Alliances
    • Roy B. Pierson, Manager, Proposal Research and Development
    • Casey C. Snyder, Manager, Corporate Alliances
    • Deborah A. Westergon, Administrative Coordinator

    Philanthropic Communications

    • Joanna M. Jurich, Director, Philanthropic Communications
    • Michael S. Gilbert, Assistant Director, Philanthropic Digital Media and Analytics

    Community Relations and Events

    • Danielle Triplett, Director, Community Relations and Events
    • Christine E. Katt, Special Events Coordinator
    • Chrissy N. Kissinger, Senior Coordinator, National Volunteer Programs
    • Uchechi N. Tarver, Manager of Special Events

      Finance and Business Administration Division

      • Michael K. Stewart, Chief Financial Officer

      Finance Department

      • Joseph S. Pontoski, Senior Director, Finance
      • Samuel Johnston, Dues Processing Associate 
      • Brian C. Kelly, Senior Manager, Accounting
      • Teresa M. Moore, Accounts Payable Associate
      • Daniel A. Sontag, Staff Accountant
      • Monica Storione, Associate Director, Accounting
      • Jeriesha L. Williams, Senior Accounts Receivable Coordinator

      Human Resources Department

      • Vernetta J. Mitchell, Director, Human Resources 
      • Amy Domard, Human Resources Coordinator
      • Lillian D. Fennell, Staff Associate
      • Denise T. Guinup, Receptionist
      • Adam M. Young, Manager, Human Resources and Benefits Administration

      Information Technology Department

      • Reginald R. Swanigan, Senior Director, Information Technology and Services
      • Lydia I. Rodriguez, Assistant Director
      • Qi (Michael) Chen, Manager, Data Services
      • Ralph R. Croce, Web Programmer Analyst
      • Derek A. Grier, Senior Developer
      • Dawn M. Hunt, Systems Administrator
      • Sumod Jacob, Senior Manager, Infrastructure and Engineering
      • Kevin T. Lee, Project Manager
      • Armah R. Mason, Systems Administrator
      • Thomas T. Pham, IT Business Analyst
      • Donald R. Storm, Systems Engineer
      • Michael R. Taylor, Database Administrator

      Office Operations Department

      • Paul R. Malachi, Office Clerk
      • Benjamin J. McCargo, Office Operations Coordinator


      Publishing Division

      • Christine B. Rullo, Publisher and Head
      • Lisa B. Jewett, Senior Administrative Coordinator
      • Daniel S. Evanko, PhD, Director of Journal Operations and Systems

      Electronic Publishing Department

      • Robert S. Spanier, Director, Electronic Publishing
      • George V. Hart, Electronic Publishing Associate
      • John C. Ho, Senior Publishing Technology Specialist
      • Diane M. Marinelli, Senior Production Editor
      • Chris D. Wozniak, Electronic Publishing Analyst

      Sales and Marketing Department

      • Nicola L. Hill, Associate Director, Sales and Marketing
      • Joanna C. Arnold, Senior Publications Marketing Manager
      • John R. Banionis, Publications Account Manager
      • Jamie Buonato, Advertising Sales and Publications Marketing Coordinator
      • Shanshan Lin, Customer Service Assistant
      • Karola Rac, Assistant Director, Institutional Sales and Outreach

      Production Department

      • Charlene A. Squibb, Associate Director, Production
      • Julie Ehlers, Senior Production Project Editor
      • Jennifer L. Harper, Senior Production Editor
      • David Livewell, Senior Production Manager
      • Brenda Roberson, Production Manager
      • Sue Russell, Senior Production Editor 
      • Kristin Murray, Senior Production Editor
      • Christopher M. Vesci, Senior Production Editor

      Editorial Department 

      Cancer Discovery

      • Mark W. Landis, PhD, Executive Editor
      • Judy N. Quong, PhD, Executive Editor
      • Krista L. Bledsoe, PhD, Science Writer
      • Michele M. Hartsough, PhD, Assistant Editor
      • Elizabeth S. McKenna, PhD, Associate Editor,
      • Suzanne L. Rose, Senior Editor, Science and Medical News
      • I-Mei Siu, PhD, Associate Editor
      • Jennifer A. Zimmerman, Associate Journal Manager

      Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention

      • Ashley R. Pfeiffer, Editorial Assistant
      • Stacey L. Reid, Editorial Assitant
      • Stephanie V. Seymour, Editorial Assistant

      Cancer Immunology Research

      • Linda J. Miller, PhD, Executive Editor
      • Jeremy F. Rosenberg, Assistant Managing Editor

      Cancer Prevention Research

      • Gregory J. Pavlovcak, Associate Managing Editor
      • Stephanie V. Seymour, Editorial Assistant

      Cancer Research

      • Arthur M. Buchberg, PhD, Associate Director, Scientific Content Development
      • Jeremy F. Rosenberg, Assistant Managing Editor
      • Jennifer E. Jones, Editorial Assistant
      • Amir Khalili, Editorial Assistant
      • Julie E. Kostelnik, Editorial Assistant

      Clinical Cancer Research

      • Joseph A. Piccirillo, Managing Editor
      • Lucia V. Allen, Editorial Associate
      • Corinne M. Mooney, Senior Features Editor
      • William J. Siegmann, Senior Editorial Associate
      • Cara E. Vandy, Editorial Assistant

      Molecular Cancer Research

      • Gregory J. Pavlovcak, Associate Managing Editor
      • Clay E.S. Comstock, PhD, Associate Editor/Administrator
      • Karen Quann, Editorial Associate

      Molecular Cancer Therapeutics

      • Crystal Cheepudom, Associate Journal Manager
      • Jiping (Jennifer) Zhang, MD, PhD, Associate Editor
      • Sadie Buckallew, Editorial Assistant
      • Meredith A. Kahn, Editorial Assistant


        Science Education and Clinical Programs Division

        Meetings and Exhibits Department

        • M. Pamela Ballinger, Senior Director, Meetings and Exhibits
        • Ashton Astorga Hald, Meetings Manager
        • Joshua A. Britton, Meetings Associate
        • Leslie A. Buckingham, Senior Administrative Coordinator
        • Jaclyn M. Cocco, Meetings Associate
        • Amy C. Flynn, Senior Manager
        • Crystal L. Giedt, Conference Center Coordinator
        • Kristin E. Howard, Senior Meetings Manager
        • Samantha Lloyd, Meetings Associate
        • LaShanna T. Mackey, Exhibits Associate
        • Lisa A. McGlashen, Senior Manager, Exhibits
        • Coleen S. McMahon, Manager
        • Jeiry Nin Gomera, Meetings Associate
        • Lauren M. Santarone, Senior Meetings Manager
        • Victoria L. Sichelstiel, Manager
        • Kevin M. Stewart, Staff Assistant

        Membership Department

        • Robin E. Felder, Director
        • Mabel Asamoah, Coordinator, Database Management 
        • Bryon Blount, Database Management Associate
        • Josephine Wagner Costalas, Coordinator, Membership Development
        • Tamika N. Coleman, Senior Coordinator, Constituency Programs
        • Lee-Ann M. Doncevic, Senior Coordinator, Membership Development
        • Theresa A. Griffith, Senior Quality Control Specialist
        • Reginald M. Hawkins, Membership Services Liaison
        • Whitney P. López, Coordinator, Constituency Programs
        • Sharon R. Mayberry, Senior Manager, Database Operations
        • Melissa E. Metelits, Membership Associate
        • Peter J. Michener, Coordinator, Database Management
        • Nirvana J. Rivera, Coordinator, Constituency Programs
        • Helen M. White, Coordinator, Membership Services

        Office of Continuing Medical Education

        • Ronald E. Arthur, Senior Manager
        • Scott R. Gorman, Senior Coordinator

        Scientific Review and Grants Administration Department

        • Patrice J. Morin, PhD, Senior Director, Scientific Review and Grants Administration
        • Elexis Andruzzi, Staff Assistant
        • Linda M. Brooks-Stokes, Staff Associate, Scientific Achievement Awards
        • Deborah L. Crabtree, Assistant Director 
        • Elizabeth M. Dempsey, Senior Program Coordinator
        • Monique P. Eversley, Senior Program Coordinator, Scientific Achievement Awards
        • Shaun B. Fitzpatrick, Staff Assistant
        • Shannon M. Gallagher-Colombo, PhD, Program Administrator 
        • Ashley S. Jones, Staff Associate
        • Kerry A. Kauffman,  Program Coordinator, Associate Member Council
        • Leslie D. Medley, Manager, Stand Up To Cancer
        • Jenine K. Sanzari, PhD, Program Administrator
        • Emer M. Smyth, PhD, Assistant Director, Stand Up To Cancer
        • Allyson M. Vaughan, Staff Assistant

        Program Development Department

        • Amy A. Baran, PhD, Senior Program Administrator
        • Lyngine H. Calizo, PhD, Assistant Director
        • Catherine R. Campana, Senior Administrative Manager
        • Anne E. Harney, Staff Associate
        • Lisa N. Haubein, PhD, Associate Director
        • Kelley D. Isaac, Senior Program Coordinator, Annual Meeting
        • Meredith A. Kleiber, Coordinator
        • Natalie A. Konrad, Program Coordinator
        • Margaret A. Pickels, Senior Program Administrator, Annual Meeting
        • Christine M. Poole, Senior Manager
        • Dean A. Post, Associate Director
        • Phyllis D. Sanborn, Staff Associate
        • Ena S. Wiggins, Staff Assistant




        615 Chestnut Street
        17th floor
        Philadelphia, PA 19106-4404
        Fax: 215-440-9313

        Cancer Discovery  

        18 Tremont Street
        Suite 703
        Boston, MA 02108
        Fax: 617-227-0144

        Office of Science Policy and Government Affairs 

        1425 K Street, NW

        Suite 250
        Washington, DC 20005
        Fax: 202-898-0966

        AACR International: Canada  

        9861 Leslie Street
        Richmond Hill, Ontario L4B 3Y4

        AACR International: Shanghai  

        Level 4 Puxi Management Center
        No. 801 Jumen Road
        Shanghai 200023, China
        +86-21-2312 3519
        Fax: +86-21-2312 3699