• Richard B. Halberg, PhD (2012)

AACR Gertrude B. Elion Cancer Research Award

  • Matthew Vander Heiden, MD, PhD (2014)

AACR Judah Folkman Career Development Award for Angiogenesis Research

  • Phuong L. Doan, MD (2014)

AACR-Aflac Incorporated Career Development Award for Pediatric Cancer Research

  • Branden S. Moriarity, PhD (2015)
  • Wei Li, PhD (2014)
  • Yiping He, PhD (2013)

AACR-Genentech BioOncology Career Development Award for Cancer Research on the HER Family Pathway

  • Hanna Yoko Irie, MD, PhD (2013)

AACR-National Brain Tumor Society Career Development Award for Translational Brain Tumor Research

  • Markus D. Siegelin, MD (2013)

Landon Foundation-AACR INNOVATOR Award for Cancer Immunology Research

  • Yvonne M. Saenger, MD (2014)

Landon Foundation-AACR INNOVATOR Award for Research in Tumor Microenvironment

  • Sergei I. Grivennikov, PhD (2014)

Landon Foundation–AACR INNOVATOR Award for Cancer Prevention Research

  • Rong Xu, PhD (2015)
  • Tamas Gonda, MD (2014)
  • Kenneth Y. Tsai, MD, PhD (2013)
  • Guang Peng, M.D., PhD (2012)  

Pancreatic Cancer Action Network-AACR Career Development Awards

  • Cosimo Commisso, PhD (2015)
  • Nada Y. Kalaany, PhD (2015)
  • Gregory L. Beatty, MD, PhD (2015)
  • David G. DeNardo, PhD (2014)
  • Eugene J. Koay, MD, PhD (2014)
  • Florencia McAllister, MD (2014)
  • Kenneth L. Scott, PhD (2014)
  • Kathryn E. Wellen, PhD (2014)
  • Andrew D. Rhim, MD (2013)
  • Monte M. Winslow, PhD (2013)
  • Kazuki N. Sugahara, MD, PhD (2012)

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