Molecular Epidemiology Working Group (MEG)


The Mission of the Molecular Epidemiology Group of the AACR (MEG/AACR) is to foster and strengthen team-based, trans-disciplinary research to develop a more integrated understanding of cancer etiology and outcomes in human populations.

Why Join MEG

  • To facilitate the multidisciplinary approach to the study of cancer and chronic disease etiology;
  • To promote the incorporation of molecular and biochemical concepts and techniques into well-designed epidemiologic studies;
  • To provide an ongoing forum for the scholarly discussion and development of sound approaches to the conduct and interpretation of molecular epidemiologic studies;
  • To foster partnerships/collaborations with scientists in other disciplines; and
  • To sponsor scientific and educational programs that will advance the field, including the MEG.

How to Join MEG

  • Select MEG on your AACR dues invoice;
    • Dues for AACR Active Members are $25*
    • Dues for AACR Associate and Affiliate Members are $10*
  • Email

*MEG dues support a range of programming and services aimed at cancer researchers and their important work. Dues also support the annual MEG Scholar-in-Training Awards.


It is understood that the evolving discipline of cancer molecular epidemiology would benefit considerably from the participation and involvement of scientists who conduct research on other chronic diseases. Scientists who are involved in molecular epidemiology, but do not meet the criteria for Active or Associate membership, are encouraged to join the AACR as an Affiliate Member. 

Contact Information

Fax: 215-440-9322