​Pediatric Cancer Working Group


The mission of the Pediatric Cancer Working Group (PCWG) is to establish childhood cancer research as a global priority supported by improved funding, the very latest technologies, and best educational strategies. The PCWG will provide a forum for communication and collaboration among basic, clinical, and translational researchers in academia, industry, and government on all aspects of pediatric cancer research. It will serve as an interface bridging the AACR with advocacy and legislative groups to promote the prevention and cure of cancers arising in children.

How to Join PCWG

Membership in PCWG is open to all members of the AACR interested in childhood cancer.

AACR members may indicate their wish to join PCWG via the AACR annual dues invoice, which is sent to members in the winter of each year.

You may also join PCWG at other times during the year by completing the Working Group Membership Form (Adobe Acrobat Reader is required).


Michael J. Powell, Ph.D.
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