Chemistry in Cancer Research Working Group (CICR)


The mission of the Chemistry in Cancer Research Working Group (CICR) is to promote the future success of cancer research and AACR through the scholarly exchange of chemistry-related information and open dialogue within the community of researchers that utilize chemical sciences and technologies in accomplishing their objectives.

Why Join CICR

  • to promote the pivotal role of chemistry in cancer research
  • including: drug discovery/development; mechanisms of carcinogenesis; molecular imaging; and biomarker discovery/validation

  • to sponsor scientific initiatives such as symposia, forums, meetings, and conferences that provide a venue for the dissemination of chemistry-related advances

  • to recognize the outstanding achievements of chemists in cancer research

  • to support the education, training and professional advancement of early-career chemists in cancer research

  • to be informed on stimulating new developments in the field of chemistry in cancer research

How to Join CICR


Fax: (215) 440-9322